Megha Group of Companies

List of Machineries

We at Megha Group of Industries are well equipped with all the major latest equipment and safety instruments. The machinery is updated from time to time as per requirements and availability of the industry.

List of Machineries (Mechanical Division)

Welding Set 24 nos.
Gas Cutting Set. 06 nos.
Power Press (20 MT) 01 nos.
Pug Machine 02 nos.
Geared Stand Drill Machine 03 nos.
Hand Drill Machine 09 nos.
Wheel Cutting Machine 09 nos.
Hand Grinding Machine. 12 nos.
Air Compressor. 02 nos.
Plasma Cutting Machine. 01 nos.
Hydraulic Crane 01 nos.
Sheet Cutter 02 nos.
20 KVA D.G. Set. 01 nos.
125 KVA D.G. Set 02 nos.
Welding Rectifier 12 nos.
Chain Pulley Mounted Stand 04 nos.
Lath Machine 01 nos.
Plate Rolling Machine 03 nos.
Mig Welding Machine 05 nos.
Misc tools and machines. -

List of Machineries ( Civil Division )

Concrete Mixtures 2 nos.
Road Rollers 1 nos.
Excavators 1 nos.
Mini Excavators 2 nos.
Bull Dozers 1 nos.
Batching Plants 1 nos.
Dumper Trucks 2 nos.
Hydraulic Loaders 4 nos.
Pumps. 4 nos.
Graders 1 nos.
Steel Palates Lots.
Other Tools Lots.
Mechanical/hydraulic Shovels 3 nos.