Megha Group of Companies

Executed Projects

Megha Group of Industries has been working in partnership with various other companies. We provide on-site Fabrication Erection supply of items for underground piping and similar work to many clients. We have also aided various civil and mechanical works for construction agencies.

Mechanical Works Executed

Name of the Clients Service Provided
Kec International Ltd
All North East Sites (work in Progress)
Supply of Fabricated Items
Hindustan Dorr Oliver Ltd. (work in Progress)
On Site Fabrication & Bcpl, Lepetketa, Erection
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
Salakati Site
Supply of Fabricated Items
Parbati Petro Products Pvt. Ltd.
Supply, Installation & Erection
Surya Chemical Industries.
Barauni Industrial Area
Supply, Installation & Erection
Shree Bajrang Metals
Supply, Installation & Erection
Rain Carbons Pvt Ltd
Supply, Installation & Erection
Satyam Wire Products
Arunachal Pradesh
Supply, Installation & Erection
Apart from that we have completed various mechanical works in association with our expertise and highly experienced associates. Some of them are mentioned below :
  • IOCL Baruani Refinery under M/s Punj Lloyd Ltd.
    For their various mechanical and equipment work worth Rs. 55 L.
  • Birla Copper Dahej Gujrat under M/s Argo Engg. System Pvt. Ltd.
  • For their fabrication and erection works of entire piping work of granulation system Rs. 17.24 L.IOCL Barauni Refinery under M/s L&T Ltd. (ECC Const.)
    For their fabrication and Erection works of underground piping work for Rs. 60.85 Lakhs.
  • Panipat Refinery Projects under M/s H.S.C.L
    For their U/G system piping work for Rs. 4.80 L.
  • Panipat Refinery Projects under M/s Gammon India Ltd.
    For their Fab.+Erection of C.S. Piping and equipment erection.
  • Panipat Refinery under M/s Kuruchi Projects Pvt. Ltd.
    For their fab+Erection of underground piping and above ground piping work 1,00,000 inch meter + 1,25,000 inch meter respectively.
  • Haldia Petro Chemical Ltd. Under M/s Gammon India Ltd.
    For fab.+Erection work of C.S. Piping 25000 inch dia
    Erection of hot water riser 250 MT
    Erection of Equipments.

In addition to the above we have executed many other works of mechanical and civil works of various projects with the various construction agencies.

Civil Works Summerised Tabloid

Client NameTypeLocationArea in Sq. Ft.Amount
Celebrity, Bani ParkResidentialJaipur (WIP)400005.1 Cr
Parbati Petro Products Pvt Ltd.CommercialGuwahati (WIP)10000.75 Cr.
Rain Carbon (P) Ltd.Commercial50001.5 Cr.
Everest Vinyl (P) Ltd.Staff QuartersNepal (WIP)200002.1 Cr.
RBI ColonyResidential, G.S. RoadGuwahati860004.5 Cr.
FCIWarehouse, BeltolaGuwahati1,50,0006.75 Cr.
IDBI BuildingOffice & ResidentialGuwahati680003.8 Cr.
Narangi Dall MillFCI WarehouseGuwahati650002.5 Cr.
Anupam BuildingCommercial, SBI (LHO)Guwahati300003.0 Cr.
Asom Khandasari Sugar MillWarehousePhulaguri, Nagaon.200001.5 Cr.

Apart from that we have currently a few major ongoing projects in Guwahati & Jaipur in the field of civil construction.